Avni D.

My parents have been patients of the Amin Medical Center for over 40 years, and I have always been grateful for the excellent care provided by both Dr. Amins. I grew up in Lansdale and moved out of the area over 20 yrs ago. With each passing year, I am more and more grateful for the care and dedication provided to my parents by this team. When they need an appt, one is provided in a timely manner. At each appointment, Dr. Mehul Amin spends time during the visit talking to my parents and addressing their concerns. My mom always leaves the office feeling reassured that she is in good hands. He truly has their best interest at heart and does everything he can to keep them healthy. Recently, my parents had COVID-19, and being elderly, I was concerned for them. I was comforted in knowing Dr. Amin was closely monitoring them and individualized the plan of care for each of them. I am so grateful for the excellent care he and his staff provides for my parents.